Enhance your SEO with Facebook Hashtags
Facebook recently announced the support for Hashtags, a feature that’s been around since the birth of popular social networks such as twitter and Instagram. Hashtags allow you to tag a particular post with a word or words related to your post, like our post image featured above we have tagged the post with the word #jewellery This word then becomes an active link within the post itself when published and when clicked on all public posts in Facebook tagged with that keyword will appear.

“This feature, although quite late in the game, should allow better user participation and clearer searching for individuals”

Facebook have said this new feature will help with better searching and discovery of interesting news feeds, posts and pages, with like minded results or popular stories being easily found. I’ve always found Facebook’s search to be a bit cumbersome as it’s very much geared towards pages than individual posts. I feel this feature, although quite late in the game, should allow better user participation and clearer searching for individuals. Facebook have outlined their usage as follows:

Create a post directly from the hashtag search results

1. Search for hashtags from your search bar. For example, #lovejewellery
2. Click on hashtags that that have been tagged in other social platforms such as Pinterest & Twitter

How important is Facebook Hashtags for business?

I think this is a big step forward for facebook and should allow business’ and communities to reach more people with this searching capability. As long as a persons page or post is public it should be easily grouped and found amongst the hashtags feed. the way we see it this creates more exposure and a better reach which in turn should give us more likes, more activity and higher traffic overall.

How can I hashtag my posts?

It is as simple as prefixing any word with the hash symbol # This is easily found on the keyboard next to the enter key but on some apple keyboards it is not present. Just hold down the key and press 35 on your numeric keypad. The # should appear. Simple!

Get hashtagging people and let us know your thoughts.

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