Truth be known, I’ve never been a whiskey fan, a palette tainted by my exposure to cheap blends during my four-year tour of the university bars! I was however quite pleased to be invited to the anticipated launch of Highland Parks 50-year-old single malt, hosted by Harrods – London, who have the exclusive sale of the prestigious edition until the end of October 2010. With only 275 bottles being produced, I’m sure this collectors item won’t be on sale for very long.


The Bottle is a masterful and intricate design. It’s comfortable weight delivered mainly by its solid silver shroud encasing the bottle with the glass bulging from within. A beautiful and spectacular piece of art. I feel the bottle alone is more collectable that the Whiskey itself.

On sale at Harrods, the Highland Park 50 Year Old retails for a mere £10500.00 it’s worth taking a closer look to appreciate it’s beauty.





Country: Scotland
Region: Orkney
Style: Single Malt
Age: 50 Year Old
Alcohol: 44.8%
Bottle size: 70cl

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