There’s a real art involved when taking the time to create perfect pictures of jewellery. This type of photography for luxury jewellery products takes time, skill and above all, knowledge, such as buying the perfect equipment to create the final visual.

Even after taking the initial shot of the scene which can be multiple times over, you then need a good eye for detail to pick the correct image from the original bunch. Then it’s time to import them into your favourite photo editor, normally Photoshop. Here you can adjust and play with contrast, lighting, balance, vibrancy and hue settings. You might even consider taking out the colour and adding a nice black and white version. Once the image is correct you might want to start adding in different layers, like shadows, snow, ice, clouds or anything depending on the particular shot you require.


Winter Wedding Rings – Part of our Christmas Retail Pack

Jewellery Photography

It’s simply an art like any other type of creative process.

Experience is the key for the final outcome and you may even surprise yourself with ideas and variations of a scene you have in mind. Jewellery Photography can be enjoyed in a few ways. You have the traditional photography shots and you can now create stunning 3d images in computers designed to mimic real life lighting.




If you like any of these photography shots on this page and would like them to feature on your website without the copyright lines over them please check them out here. This is a pack we created as a Royalty Free Christmas retail pack.

3D jewellery photography

As a comparison, check out some of our 3d images of jewellery we created using in-house software that renders a 3d wireframe of a surface to create these stunning shots. Can you tell the difference?


Can you see the benefits for product visuals or marketing material such as website sliders, posters, marketing strategy or a simple blog or news image.

We create it, you use it as intended to capture your audience and drive more sales. Check out our ready to buy Jewellery image collections and inspire your customers.

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