Jian London is a UK manufacturer and retailer of Natural Gem Stone Jewellery. LionSorbet were excited to work with Jian to create a full product gallery of their most popular products in a wide range of available gemstones, including, Garnet, Citrine, Amethyst, Blue and White Topaz, and our favorite Chrome Diopside a stunning rich green gemstone. Having worked predominantly with Diamonds over the last few years it has been a great opportunity to develop a great set of Natural looking gemstone materials to capture the beauty of their products.

These jewellery photography shots have gone through a series of technical software processes to achieve this type of clarity. Each product is built in 3D CAD, then processed through our digital studios and then carefully composited to enhance the visual experience.

We aim for flawless results as our client expectations have grown to expect perfect results. If you’re a fan of Gem Stone jewellery like we are then please take a look and buy online at Amazon



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