We are pleased to present the new tri set Pendant, Bracelet and Drop Earring range created for online retailer Rocks of London. Crafted entirely in 3D this video presents our new Macro Studio style along with branding and product annotation to showcase the products to their customers.




Jewellery Photography – Moonlight Gallery

As part of this project, we provided a range of high-quality 3D photographic shots to compliment their marketing and sales. These have been successfully used online, in print with fantastic results for Rocks of London.





3D Jewellery Photography & Animation

LionSorbet offers a unique advantage to traditional photography. Everything we create and everything you see on this website has been created virtually. We use state of the art techniques and a skilled team to create high-quality, ultra-realistic images and video of jewellery, diamonds and gemstones. Our abilities and knowledge allow us to capture the true beauty and delicate contrast between these products for fantastic marketing results and a true return on investment. Read more here: LionSorbet Jewellery Photography

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Lover of Jewellery, illustration and mad about CGI. Rock guitarist and all round creative. Handy with a set of Kali sticks too! Founder of Lionsorbet