If you have much experience with advertising, you know that just the right campaign can skyrocket sales while an ad that lacks in one way or another has almost no effect on a company’s bottom line. Millions of dollars a year are poured into advertising, and even the smallest ad on a web page can create dramatic effects in online traffic. As research, both new and old has revealed, adding a picture or image to an advertisement makes it that much more memorable. An image tends to stick with a person far longer than a word or phrase.

“By adding an image to accompany the sounds the audience experiences, the value of the advertisement goes way up”

Perhaps this is best explained when comparing television advertising versus radio advertising. A quality radio ad can generally be produced for less than a tenth of the price of a television advertisement. What’s the difference? Image. By adding an image to accompany the sounds the audience experiences, the value of the advertisement goes way up. With the increased cost is an accompanying increase in efficiency, as a person who sees a television ad is much more likely to remember it than a person who hears the ad on the radio.


Which one is more enticing? You understand the context without reading

In print, the same result can be found. Printed advertisements with images tend to attract much more attention than those without. Translating this to the virtual “print” of online advertising means that an advertisement with an image will stick with a viewer significantly longer than one without. More importantly, an image that catches the attention for longer than a fleeting moment will stick even longer.

Multiple experiments have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of a picture. When it comes to retaining an image in memory, it is ideal for the viewer to look at the picture for at least two seconds. This may seem like a short period of time, but on a web page it becomes much longer. If in doubt, try focusing your attention for two full seconds on each ad on a given web page. The level of quality required is high to demand that much concentration.

A person will immediately assume that which is depicted in an advertising image is the level of quality produced by the company as a whole. If an image is sharp and shows a high-quality product with just the right angle and lighting, the person receives the impression that the entire array of products are of the highest quality. A picture that is too light/dark, dull, or doesn’t catch the eye convinces the viewer that such will be the product as well.

“…a high quality photo can significantly increase business.”


When dealing with jewellery, this is especially important. If the same ring were photographed twice, once by a professional and once by a six-year-old, the first would inevitably draw more traffic. The item is the same, but the viewer doesn’t know that. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is advisable to put a quality picture rather than attempting thousands of words. An advertisement without an image can be passed over, an advertisement with a poor quality image is dismissed, but an image with a high-quality photo can significantly increase business.

With this in mind ensure your adverts, regardless of location or size, ensure they are accompanied by great imagery that sells your product range for you an works harder whilst you sleep.


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