Introducing Megan Daly, a recent graduate from Cardiff metropolitan school of art and design, with a 2:1 in Product design BA honours. Megan has spent two weeks working alongside us at LionSorbet being introduced to various ongoing projects. With an interest in Jewellery and her skills in product design and manufacture, we set a task to create a piece of jewellery that reflected her personality, experience and inspiration gained so far. The Peacock ring presented below illustrates Megan’s vision and shows a true understanding and skill base gained so far.

Megan’s Story: Design process of an engagement ring

The first week of my placement, Megan was given the task to come up with the a design for matching bridal rings. I started the process off by taking inspiration for my design by researching trending designs, high-end jewellery such as Tiffany, Cartier and more usual designs. Stone colours and metal and stone cuts. Detail of rings. Collecting such images for inspiration to help shape sketch designs.

Taking inspiration into sketching

Starting initial sketching off with the engagement ring as I wanted the wedding ring to be more plain and simple matching the statement of the engagement ring. From the inspiration collected the shape of the peacock feathers was used to start the ideas and shapes of the ring. Simplifying the shape that looks right in the metal, Outlining what the final design should have bases to start from. Such as:

  • Detailed design
  • Keeping a way from stand design
  • Matching wedding ring to be in the same style but plain
  • High end feel
  • Uses of a cushion cut stone

Sketch development

Developing the initial sketching in detail, the looking from different views. How the design will looking in real scale 1:1. The size of the stones. How the stone will stay in place using claw or bezel setting.

Development into CAD

From the final sketches of the ring converted into CAD program get a realised image of the rings Peacock ring, cushion cut aquamarine bezel set in 14ct gold with detailing inspired by peacock feathers set with 4 round diamonds.


All designs, graphics and images shown here are the sole property of LionSorbet Ltd. They cannot be used without express permission. If you wish to enquire about this design please email us at

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