It’s funny really when you open a new shop, restaurant or even Art Gallery there is always the launch party to look forward to. Tell all your friends, invite the press, get some clients on board and hold a proper red carpet event. A night to remember and can even help spread the word among your target audience. Opening a new store on-line though is very different, all the pressure, hard work, deadlines and stress all comes to a head when you look at each other in the office and say “are we ready?”.. “I think we are… lets do this..” the site launches, everyone nods in agreement that it looks good, a few pats on the back and then…. back to work? Well, that’s how it kind of went for us anyway!

The LionSorbet team have had a great 2012 so far. We’ve grown our client base and most importantly seen the launch of two unique services for us that we hope will strengthen our position within in the Jewellery industry and secure our position as a leading provider of marketing material for the luxury goods industry.

“The LionSorbet shop aims to provide an instantly available on-line resource of Royalty Free Jewellery Images, vector graphics, interactive products, video and animation to the retail jewellery industry, jewellery designers, manufacturers and design houses that service these companies” explains company director Stephen Irvine. “We want to make it easier for Jewellery retailers and designers to create and update their websites and marketing material with great, consistent high-quality images and education material”

With more and more retailers taking the step to create an online presence, there now seems, more that ever, a demand to boost rankings and take pole position in the search engine results. It’s not enough now to put a website on-line, write a few blog posts and hope for the best. SEO and marketing have become an important part in the success of an on-line business. LionSorbet aims to provide a wealth of resources and marketing material to help you boost your website profile, engage and educate your audience and most importantly make your customers feel confident enough make a purchase.

So we can’t invite you to a launch party, but we hope you like what we have to offer your business…

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