Being big fans of social media, we set up our Jewellery news site a few years back to at first to give our own team a platform to educate ourselves on Jewellery related news, products, designers and retailers and has quickly turned into a popular news and educational site for the very people that buy Jewellery.

Aside from the obligatory Facebook and Twitter feeds we wanted something a little more visual and have been working hard on the popular photography app Instagram as our tool of choice to showcase some of the most beautiful, exciting, colourful and creative designs being created today. With over 3500 images already posted to our tag #jewellerymonthly we certainly have the pick of the bag when choosing what to showcase.

Overall, Instagram has allowed us to make contact with many inspirational retailers, designers and manufacturers around the world whilst being introduced to some truly amazing work.

Are you on Instagram? Get featured on our page:

Step 1: Check us out at
Step 2: Create an account through your mobile or tablet computer.
Step 3: Add some beautiful images of your products.
Step 4: follow us @jewellerymonthly using the search tool to find us.
Step 5: tag your photos using the hashtag #jewellerymonthly.

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