A marketing perspective on a great image’s weight when selling a product.

You cannot avoid it.

ADVERTISING. There is no place where you can hide from it. And the hard part goes to those who live or work in city areas. Every day, we see almost 5000 ads, if not many more. Nowadays, an advertiser must be very careful regarding what he says through its campaign and where he chooses to say it. When it comes to persuading consumers to purchase something, it’s mandatory to think about the details, those ones which you might have ignored in the past.

It’s about People

You know that there are hundreds of ways to advertise, to make your name known. But when it comes to print, the oldest channel of all, we should be more prudent. Alert. Always. You’ll read books about this industry and they’ll talk about simplicity. About making a difference and being a real breakwater in the business.

They’ll keep on repeating that you have to pay attention when it comes to what image you pick for your layout. Well, let me tell you this. It’s a cliché. Stop echoing about how important is to be different and begin to be inspirational. Stop with all the information about [your] product and start being emotional. Go into the crowd and learn about your consumer and see if the only thing he [really] wants is a naked woman in print. Learn about him. About his desires and goals and talk to him. Like he’s a human who needs your attention. Because you really, really need his attention.

“Expensive advertising courts us with hints and images. The ordinary kind merely says, Buy”


Never assume that a sparkly and shiny image will make his heart beat faster. It will be a total waste of time if you focus only on the beautiful side of your project.

Advertising and marketing isn’t about making life look more beautiful and better. We don’t change the world. Advertising is about people. And it should be about the truth that lies in our souls.

Those real insights that will never fail. The English science-fiction writer, H.G. Wells, used to say that “advertising is legalised lying”. Change that. Say what you mean. And say it within a strong message. In the title, you can see the adjective “nice”. Here, nice is not pretty. It’s not sweet or lovely. Nor is dainty. Here, “nice” is adequate. Appropriate.

A “nice image” is a print that will catch your eyes because it speaks to you. When you look at it, you’re the only one in the room, in the subway station, near a railway platform. You’re the only one in the whole city. Same rules apply to all the images that advertise jewellery. Rings, bracelets, necklaces are already beautiful. The images [their layouts] are automatically gorgeous. Make sure you write the right message along with the image. Or let the image be the message itself. If you stay honest and say the right thing, you’ll become spectacular. Your message will become more important than a miraculous scientific invention.

Yes, you haven’t done anything and you didn’t boost up all the technology, but you stood by your beliefs and remained genuine. In a small humble print, you said something real. The author Peter Nivio Zarlenga puts this way better: “In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.”

“You can fool all the people all the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough.”

Joseph E. Levine

Excerpt image of the iconic Volkswagen “Lemon” advertisement which followed the success of Think Small campaign which left a lasting legacy in America.

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