Our team at LionSorbet have been perfecting the art of computer generated images (CGI) for nearly 10 years. We’ve worked with many brands to develop marketing visuals, enhance products, and produce a variety of assets to captivate and inspire their customers.

“Creating a great image isn’t just about mimicking real life. It can be creating something that may be difficult or impossible to achieve with photography or film “



So what are the real benefits of using CGI visualisation for your company? Here’s a few that we think are important.

1: Inspirational Marketing Images

CGI is a great tool for creating images with a wow factor. Beautiful lighting, perfect texturing and the right view to entice your customers.


Diamond Jewellery Photography

luxury jewellery marketing

2: Pre-visualise Products before launch

Great for product development, idea generation and customer review. We have worked with many companies to develop ideas into real products for manufacture. Taking it from sketch to finished product whilst producing visuals for refined development and teaser images prior to launch.

Product concept 3d design

Character design in 3D

Mobile phone 3D concepts

jewellery packaging design concepts

3: Artistic Shots

Traditional photography has its limits. CGI has none. You can make the simplest product stand out from the crowd or achieve camera angles and views that is impossible with a real lens. Only your imagination stands in the way.

3d product design

jewellery 3d design

3d building concept visual

4: Product Photography

The staple and most important of all shots for product sales is good, clean product photography. CGI allows perfect replication, free from smudges, fingerprints, dust and hair. No samples have to be made up and sent out. Simple, hassle free production.

jewellery 3d photography

3d jewellery photography

3D Diamond Jewellery images

Wedding ring marketing in 3d


What do you think? Could you see the benefit for your company, products or services over your current approach? Let us know your thoughts.

Love what you see? check out our CGI gallery below



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